Our Response to COVID-19

Today, amid a global pandemic and recession, our core business is more important than ever.

We’re incredibly thankful for the dedication of MetLife Foundation to our COVID-19 relief efforts.
Peter Werbicki
(President and CEO, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina), thanking MetLife Foundation for its $100,000 donation to his Raleigh-based food bank, which is located near the MetLife campus in Cary, North Carolina.

The most critical step MetLife has taken to support the COVID-19 response is to continue keeping our promises. We also met urgent needs for food, housing, healthcare, personal protective equipment, and direct financial assistance.

We have taken care of our people by providing a suite of programs to address their physical, emotional and financial well-being. For our customers, we developed flexible solutions to help them stay financially secure during a period of uncertainty. And in our communities around the world, MetLife and MetLife Foundation donated money and medical supplies, transformed MetLife-owned properties, and volunteered time to help those affected by the pandemic. In addition, our President and CEO was appointed to the New York Forward Re-Opening Advisory Council, joining a list of 100 experts from the business, labor, civic sectors.

As of May 2020, the total value of the relief and support we have provided comes to more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

No matter how long the pandemic lasts, we will continue delivering on all our commitments to all our stakeholders.

For our communities:

  • MetLife Foundation committed $25 million to the global response to support communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • To help protect first responders and others, MetLife donated thousands of medical supplies to locations around the world, including facemasks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes.
  • MetLife made properties available as housing for healthcare workers, and as hospitals, if needed.
  • MetLife established a new paid voluntary leave program for our in-house medical professionals to help fight COVID-19. MetLife medical professionals who volunteer will be deployed in two-week rotations to hospitals and other healthcare facilities in locations across the country.
Wherever we look in the MetLife world, we see goodwill, hope and support.
Dirk Ostijn
(Senior Vice President, Head of MetLife EMEA), recognizing the efforts of MetLife EMEA employees to help our customers, communities, and each other.

For our customers:

  • Recognizing the hardships caused by the pandemic across many markets and several products, MetLife deferred rate increases, extended premium grace periods, waived late-payment fees and pandemic exclusions, fast-tracked claims, and made it easier for customers to file claims and applications.
  • To deliver additional financial relief, we provided, as permitted, customers with credits on their auto and insured dental PPO premiums.
  • Knowing that small businesses have been hit especially hard, MetLife made our PlanSmart Financial Wellness planner line available to small businesses at no cost. We also launched a new microsite with free information on how to manage financial health, which is available to employers of all sizes.
Being there for our customers when they need us the most is the promise MetLife delivers on every day. People are struggling, through no fault of their own, and we can help.
Darla Finchum
(President, MetLife Auto & Home® companies), announcing financial relief, payment and billing leniency, expanded identity protection, and remote claims processing for our Auto & Home customers.
As we juggle family responsibilities while working from home due to this pandemic, we are still there for our customers, keeping the phone lines open, ensuring we continue to pay all valid claims.
Richard Nunn
(General Manager, MetLife Australia), affirming MetLife’s commitment to the highest level of customer support during COVID-19.

For our people:

  • To give our employees greater peace of mind amid the pandemic, MetLife adjusted our sick-leave and vacation policies while ensuring that all employees had coverage for COVID-19 testing, treatment and hospitalization.
  • To further alleviate employee stress and anxiety, we expanded our mental health counseling and developed new mental health resources.
  • We also offered expert-led information sessions on COVID-19, covering all manner of issues related to wellness, safety and health.


My mother is a registered nurse, so MetLife’s support for healthcare workers means a lot to me. These professionals are on the front lines risking exposure, often living apart from their families.
Jim Donnellan
(Vice President, MetLife State Advocacy & Supervision), expressing his gratitude for the free housing that MetLife provided to frontline healthcare workers at the InterContinental Times Square hotel.


As an investor:

  • In buildings for which MIM, our institutional investment management business, serves as the advisor, we established a rent-deferral program for small, local retail tenants directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. .
  • MetLife covered salaries of employees at a residential resort community for 60 days, whether or not there was work.
  • MIM remained actively engaged in financial markets, providing access to much-needed capital. For example, in partnership with another lender, MIM provided for a $421 million loan on a major office building in Boston. MIM also provided for approximately $500 million in new commercial mortgage loans.
The protection of our employees and our customers remains our highest priority. Working together and focusing on our customers enabled us to offer seamless support through very challenging times.
Adriana Nitu
(Head of Customer Support, MetLife Romania), discussing an initiative that allowed MetLife Romania teams to handle customer support calls remotely on any device.

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