Sharing Insights that Address Employee Well-Being


Sharing Insights that Address Employee Well-Being

3 min read Jun 23, 2022

According to MetLife’s U.S. EBTS, employees expect their employers to help protect their physical, financial, mental and social health.    

Building Employee Resilience

MetLife undertakes numerous research studies to help us and our stakeholders better understand important workforce dynamics and industry trends. For more information about our studies, please click here.   

Strengthening our Understanding of the U.S. Workforce through Thought Leadership

MetLife’s 19th annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study (EBTS) identified several trends that are changing the workforce. For example, employees expect their employers to help protect and enable their well-being. Employers that create a holistic work culture that addresses changing priorities in safety, mental health and more will succeed in fostering a more resilient, productive and healthy workforce.

Financial health has been the greatest concern for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Percentage of employees who are concerned about these elements of well-being during the pandemic1

56 % Financial Health
54 % Mental Health
54 % Social Health
53 % Physical Health

2021 Studies

Millennials poised for major life changes expect help from employers

MetLife’s 2021 Open Enrollment Study found that millennials were more likely than others to say the pandemic has had a significant impact on their major life plans. Yet, as millennial employees prepare for new life stages, more than half also said they’re anxious about the state of their personal finances, compared with 45% of employees overall. 

Millennial managers sacrifice their well-being for employees

The Squeezed Middle study conducted by MetLife found that 52% of employees with supportive millennial managers said they are healthy across physical, financial, social and mental health pillars. But although millennial managers foster strong employee performance, they’re sacrificing their own well-being—they now feel more overwhelmed, burnt out and stressed while working compared to December 2020.


Over 50% of millennial employees are anxious about the state of their personal f
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