Holistic Well Being


Holistic Well-Being

2 min read Jun 23, 2022

As we prepare our talent for the future and bring out their potential through inclusion and development, we aim to create conditions so the individual can personally flourish. We do this by celebrating value through recognition, demonstrating care through our relentless focus on health and wellness, and promoting stability through our benefits and compensation programs. 

We Recognize the Great Work of Individuals, Teams and Each Other

When we recognize tremendous effort, uplift great accomplishments and express appreciation for daily contributions, we show employees and all others that the impact of their work and what they accomplish on behalf of our customers is valued and matters. 

We have three primary recognition programs that honor our employees’ unwavering focus on our purpose, customer experiences, collaboration and experimentation: 

  • Continuous recognition, through MetLife's enhanced global recognition program, Center Stage, allows colleagues to recognize each other anytime for anniversaries, milestones or successes; 
  • Above and Beyond Award, in which every quarter we recognize colleagues for their collaboration, experimentation and customer-focused achievements; and 
  • Purpose Award, an exclusive, selection-based award recognizing colleagues who went to extraordinary efforts to bring MetLife’s purpose to life. 

We Encourage Employees to Prioritize Health

We believe that a person’s potential and well-being are inseparable. We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and provide specific resources so they can do the same. In 2020 we launched BeWell, a global platform that provides resources to help employees with resilience and coping, staying balanced, maintaining physical and financial well-being and building healthy relationships. 

As the pandemic continued to take its toll on mental health in 2021, it became even more vital to support mental health and combat mental health stigmas. The BeWell program intensified its focus to promote and reinforce sustained healthy mental habits, such as mindfulness, sleep, exercise and practicing appreciation and gratitude. We incorporated training on how to prioritize well-being into our Leading the Future program for people leaders. Through Town Hall presentations and the voice of our CEO, we sent a resounding message that we care about the well-being of our employees, that we share in a global experience and that we understand the health, economic and social challenges of recent times. 

Our benefits prioritize holistic well-being, encouraging and equipping all employees globally to sustain and improve their physical, mental, financial and social wellness. We offer competitive total compensation and benefits to engage and motivate our talented employees. By designing these programs to enable our employees to build a more confident future, we live our purpose, promote our business objectives, align management’s interests with those of our many stakeholders and underscore our focus on long-term shareholder value.


In 2021, we recognized our employees through 1,747 peer nominated awards — 103 of those with a Purpose Award.

We Operate Within a Total Compensation Framework

MetLife’s Pay for Performance philosophy promotes a culture where there is a direct link between an employee’s compensation and the “what and how” of their performance, which may include both individual contributions and team collaboration. We use a competitive total compensation framework that consists of base salary as well as annual and long-term incentive opportunities.

Company-paid and company-subsidized healthcare, disability, life insurance and retirement benefits are market-aligned, and competitive paid time off and parental leave programs are provided in all markets. We also look for ways our benefits can be sensitive to the ever-changing ecosystem and help with key challenges facing our employees. 

We regularly review our compensation and benefits programs and consider business objectives and employee input, as well as market developments, when making updates. MetLife annually reviews our pay practices, including compensation and benefits programs, to ensure we incent the right behaviors and provide equal pay for equal work. Our goal is to support, reward and compensate the entire individual. See ESG Data Center for more details on our Gender Pay Equity statement and benefits program. 

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