Talent and Skill Development


Talent and Skill Development

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We are building a MetLife where every employee has a positive, consistent, and impactful leadership experience.

At MetLife, we access, curate and engage talented employees, all with the potential to contribute their best in their own unique and purpose-driven way. We go beyond the conventional definition of high potential—we believe in total potential. 

To realize the total potential of MetLife, we must recognize the total potential of each person within our organization.

We aim to create a culture of continuous learning and work to ensure every employee has access to tools, resources and incentives for growth.

We Build Systems that Enable Internal Talent Mobility

When we support our employees through access to challenging opportunities and a choice of new experiences, they venture to test their own potential, reach for the unfamiliar and seize new challenges. 

Employees leverage our digitally enabled learning platform to continuously develop and build the core skills they need in a dynamic environment. MyPath, our internal talent marketplace, supports mobility by connecting employees to projects and opportunities based on their skills, experiences and ambitions. Employees can unleash their full potential, and managers are able to source talent quickly based on the skills needed to get critical work done. 

In 2021, MyPath had nearly 5,000 users. 1,125 were assigned new project roles, enabling them to learn new skills and gain exposure to additional parts of the organization. MyPath also created 347 networking connections and unlocked over 45,000 hours of capacity.

We Invest in the Development of Leaders

At MetLife, we believe the greatest contribution we can make to our employees is excellent leadership. Our “Leading the Future” program supports over 5,500 leaders through a variety of learning experiences. The program takes a complete approach to elevating our leadership so everyone can bring out the best on their team and translate leadership theory into actions that strengthen our business and culture. 

It is also critical that our workforce is nimble and prepared for transitions. Our focus on accelerating team formation and performance, simple assessments for team leaders to continuously measure and improve team effectiveness, and coaching and feedback tools enables organizational agility. 

Additionally, we recognize the importance of supporting leaders as they transition to new and expanded roles. Through our holistic programming for leader transitions, formal upward and stakeholder feedback, we build our leadership capacity, and we aim to build a MetLife where every employee has a positive, consistent and impactful leadership experience. Developing leaders for the future directly influences our ability to create a more confident future for our customers and shareholders. 

In 2021, with a completion rate of atleast 85%, over 90% of participating leaders agreed that the Leading the Future program was a worthwhile investment of time.

Judith Scimone, Head of Talent Development, leads our focus on the full employee lifecycle, including Talent Acquisition, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Performance Development and Succession Planning.

2021 MyLearning by the Numbers


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learners sharedmaterials among peers

We Redefined Excellence in Sales Force Training

Our award-winning approach for sales training is cost effective, transformative and a driver of operational excellence. Distribution Academy is a crucial strategic enabler that gives MetLife a competitive advantage. 

A digital learning experience, Distribution Academy, is used by global, regional and local stakeholders to build sales force capability and grow MetLife’s distribution business. The Academy helps sales agents build their skills and knowledge when and where they need it. The platform flexes with the training life-cycle, inclusive of virtual, local courses and role playing—all tailored to bring out the best of our sales force so they can deliver the best for our customers. 

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