Managing Responsibly


Managing Responsibly

2 min read Jun 23, 2022


  • Women comprise 38%1 of our Board of Directors (five women), and 41% of our managers
  • Joined WEConnect International, an organization committed to enabling women business owners to compete in the global marketplace 
  • 98% of employees completed Code of Business Ethics training 
  • Established a senior management global Climate Advisory Council in 2022 to enhance governance of climate risk

Our Approach

When we uphold our values with courage and conviction, we embody the promises we make and prove that our employees' trust is reliably placed. Effective governance underpins MetLife’s ability to fulfill our purpose—Always with you, building a more confident future. It enables us to deliver on the promises we make to our customers, employees and shareholders. We are proud to have a culture in which each employee takes responsibility for their actions, adopts an ownership mindset and is empowered to speak up. Along with customers, employees are at the heart of what we do. Our team helps us maintain customer focus as one of our global key focus areas.

To maintain this culture, MetLife has focused on continuously improving governance practices and regularly adopts and updates trainings, policies and codes, and resources for all employees to uphold and promote in their day-to-day practices.

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We are united through a shared purpose—always with you, building a more confident future.
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