Code of Business Ethics


Code of Business Ethics

2 min read Jun 23, 2022

MetLife’s Code of Business Ethics helps us live our purpose with every customer, in every interaction, every day. It helps us navigate an always-changing external environment while meeting the highest professional standards. The Code is the foundation for our Success Principles and represents our core beliefs for conducting business. Our Success Principles articulate the behaviors that MetLife employees are expected to exhibit, guide our actions and help us to deliver on our purpose. Our Code of Business Ethics is available in 19 languages and applies to all employees. Each year, employees pledge that they commit to and comply with the Code. 

In the Code, we confirm our commitment to conducting business fairly, honestly and openly, and our zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of bribery and corruption committed by MetLife employees or a third party acting for or on behalf of MetLife. We also maintain several supplemental codes, including the Financial Management Code of Business Ethics and the Supplier Code of Business Ethics.  

Code training for employees is focused on managing conflicts of interest and ethical decision making. Throughout this training, we encourage employees to have an ownership mindset, speak up and escalate concerns when they arise.

Raising Concerns and Speaking Up

At MetLife, we understand the importance of an environment where employees feel empowered to speak up. We encourage employees to lead by example, holding themselves and others accountable by raising issues and concerns. Employees can speak up using the channel that is most comfortable for them, and can report anonymously, where permissible by law.

Reporting channels include:

  • Speak Up Tool, a desktop icon available to all employees;
  • Corporate Special Investigations Unit;
  • Local or Regional Compliance Risk Management;
  • Local or Regional Helpline or Whistleblowing Contact; and
  • Local or Regional HR or Employee Relations.

MetLife prohibits any form of retaliation against an employee for raising a concern in good faith or assisting with an investigation regarding a potential violation of our Code, our policies, laws or regulations.

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