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Living our Purpose over the years

2 min read June 17, 2020

Living our Purpose over the years:
Always with you, building a more confident future.

Next Horizon MetLife's Business

Next Horizon MetLife's Business Strategy Next Horizon MetLife's Business Strategy Next Horizon MetLife's Business Strategy


1879 Pilots industrial insurance for “workingmen”

1909 Division to include a visiting nurse service

1930 Rescues more than 7,000 farms from foreclosure during the Great Depression

1954 Installs UNIVAC, the life insurance industry’s first large-scale computer

1964 Establishes first nationwide blood bank

2000 Becomes a public company

2010 Acquires ALICO to become a global organization

2018 Celebrates 150-year anniversary, one of only 12 Fortune 100 companies to do so

Next Horizon MetLife's Business


MetLife at a glance

MetLife Inc., through its affiliates and subsidiaries (MetLife) has helped generations of people around the world protect their finances, property, family, and future. In the process, we have shown our commitment to safeguarding families, serving communities, and strengthening society as a whole.

We are building a stronger and more agile company that can thrive in a variety of environments. We are transforming MetLife and embracing new opportunities that build on our expertise in asset management, employee benefits, and financial protection. We are investing in innovation, partnering with startups, digitizing our business, and equipping ourselves to compete in a changing world. At MetLife, we are working hard to build a more protected world.

We have nearly $100 billion in U.S. government and agency securities, Japan government bonds, and cash and short-term investments.
Increased MetLife Investment Management

The facts:


years of operation

~ 49,000


No. 44

on the Fortune 500 list

40+ markets

provided services and products

$600 billion1,2

total assets under management

$18.3 billion1

in green investments managed by MIM

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1 See Chapter 3 for more detailed information on our assets under management and responsible investments.

2 See Appendix for explanatory note.