Caring for Our Employees



Caring for Our Employees

4 min read June 17, 2020

Wellness for Life

Our Wellness for Life program is rooted in the idea that the more we can help connect the dots between our purpose, our everyday work, and the importance of wellness for overall health and well-being, the easier it is for MetLife employees to prioritize their health. 

The program is centrally coordinated and locally implemented, with champions identified for 41 markets as well as four Regional Ambassadors (U.S., Latin America, EMEA, Asia). In 2019, we continued to raise awareness on issues such as mental health and equipped our employees with the tools and inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Designing healthy buildings with Fitwel

Healthy workplaces are essential to ensuring positive health and wellness benefits for the people working within them. In 2019, MetLife became the first life insurance company to earn Fitwel certifications for our commitment to healthy workplaces. Fitwel is a joint initiative of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the General Services Administration. 

As the leading global health certification system, Fitwel measures the health impact of corporate buildings based on several factors, including how they promote occupant safety, how they increase physical activity, and how they affect the health of the surrounding community. Amenities of Fitwel buildings can include meditation rooms, sit-stand desks, fitness centers, healthy dining options, nursing mother rooms, and treadmill desk meeting rooms. To date, MetLife has obtained Fitwel certifications for three offices in the U.S. with more than 4,000 employees and covering over 1.3 million square feet of real estate, including its global headquarters in New York City. The company’s institutional investment management business, MetLife Investment Management (MIM), has also obtained certifications for three properties held in its real estate equity investment portfolio. Representing more than 2 million square feet of office space combined across the three locations, the certifications underscore MIM’s commitment to promoting wellness in the communities it serves across the U.S.

MetLife employees collaborate at Girls Who Code immersion program.

Employee feedback

Building trust with our employees and helping them live fuller lives is integral to our purpose and critical to our success. At MetLife, we believe that caring for our employees starts with understanding what matters most to them. One of the ways our employees keep us informed of their needs is through our annual MyVoice survey. In 2019, 44,000 employees took the survey and overwhelmingly said that they would like more communication about MetLife’s plans for the future. We took this feedback to heart as we crafted our Next Horizon strategy, launched in early 2020. Our primary focus: Delivering Our Purpose, placing emphasis on our leadership, and reinforcing collaboration, experimentation, and customer focus across MetLife. 

Already, we have seen our efforts pay off with initiatives that include regular Global Town Halls, held at different locations with livestream and networking events to ensure all employees can participate. To increase employee socialization, we hosted numerous sessions and events throughout the year and encouraged people from different departments to meet one another over fun informal events, such as an ugly sweater contest and an ice cream social where our President and CEO Michel Khalaf served employees.

We will continue to prioritize customer engagement and collaboration in 2020, encouraging our employees to become more comfortable with experimentation.

MyVoice 2019: MetLife employees provide feedback

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