Protecting Our Environment


Our Purpose


In 2016, MetLife became the first U.S.-based insurer to achieve carbon neutrality.

We also achieved all our 2020 environmental goals, including:

Become carbon neutral in 2016 and each year going forward.

Achieved 4 years running: 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

By 2020, reduce energy consumption across the company’s global footprint by 10% (from a 2012 baseline).
10% Goal Achieved
33% Actual Achieved
By 2020, reduce location-based GHG emissions by 10% (from a 2012 baseline).
10% Goal Achieved
27% Actual Achieved
By 2020, require 100 of our top suppliers to disclose their GHG emissions and reduction activities.
100 Goal Achieved
100 Actual Achieved

Our 2019 Environmental Impact

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