Climate Change

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Climate Change

2 min read June 17, 2020
Climate Change

Climate risk management

Climate change risks — such as impacts from extreme weather events, disruptions in energy supply, or carbon legislation — have the potential to impact MetLife’s physical business operations, investments, and supply chain.

These risks, as well as associated opportunities, are monitored, managed, and reported to MetLife’s Board of Directors through our global risk management framework. MetLife assesses world, economic, industry, and internal events to identify potential emerging risks. Our global business continuity and crisis management programs prepare and respond to climate-related incidents that may impact our services and operations. We implement site-specific risk mitigation and action plans and have local crisis management teams to manage incidents at each of our global offices.

We believe addressing climate change is beneficial for the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities. That is why we were a founding member of the Climate Leadership Council, a coalition of policy, business, and environmental leaders who have come together to promote an equitable, cost-effective climate solution for the U.S. economy. For more information on MetLife’s work on climate change, please read our statement on climate change.

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