Employees Drive Our Green Impact



Employees Drive Our Green Impact

2 min read June 17, 2020

Empowering employees to make a green impact

Thousands of MetLife employees take advantage of sustainability education and volunteering opportunities to reduce their environmental impact at work, at home, and in their communities.

These popular programs embody our philosophy of empowering employees to take ownership of the company’s actions and impacts. Our signature program, Our Green Impact, provides both hands-on community volunteering and online learning activities, including discussion forums, a speaker series, and newsletters.

We also launched a new environmental educational course on the MetLife My Learning platform to empower employees to take action in their workplaces and communities and become champions of MetLife’s environmental strategy and goals. The course was translated into the primary language of each MetLife office to ensure all global employees have the tools they need to become environmental champions at their offices.

Green Teams lead the way

Twenty-two Green Teams in the U.S., Asia, and Latin America (up from 19 in 2018) led local office-based Our Green Impact activities during the year, including energy conservation, recycling, and alternative commuting. In addition, employees worldwide completed more than 1,000 hours of green service, including activities in honor of Earth Day. In the U.S., employees cleaned up trash from the coastal waterways in Florida. In Korea, employees planted nearly 200 trees at a former trash site that has been transformed into a national ecology park.

Our Green
Impact 2019:
By the

Our Green Impact 2019: By the Numbers An animated illustration showing stats about environmental impacts in 2019 An animated illustration showing stats about environmental impacts in 2019

9,000+ employees from
35+ offices in 16 markets joined in
70+ Earth Day activities

1,000+ hours were spent
volunteering at Green Team events
by more than 22 teams across
the globe

2,000+ employees
from 28 markets, on more
than 200 teams, took up
our annual EcoChallenge

EcoChallenge changes habits

Our annual two-week EcoChallenge encourages teams of employees to adopt green habits such as biking to work and eating locally-sourced food and then quantifies how their sustainable choices add up. In 2019, more than 2,000 employees participated.

The Influence of Impact

40,458 pounds of CO2 avoided.

2,831 plastic containers not sent to the landfill.

46,159 gallons of water saved.

277 people helped their neighbors and community members.

3,106 meatless or vegan meals consumed.

7,440 miles not traveled by car.

43,956 minutes spent being mindful.

44,132 minutes spent outdoors.

16,184 minutes spent learning.

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