Creating Value as an Investor


Our Purpose

2019 Progress

~$58 billion

At the end of 2019, MIM’s responsible investments under management totaled ~$58 billion.

ESG Integration Council

Launched an ESG Integration Council with cross-functional representatives to better coordinate and integrate ESG policies and practices internally.

New MetLife general account exclusions

Divesting and phasing out direct holdings in manufacturers of assault weapons (automatic and semiautomatic) intended for sale to civilian customers, direct producers of controversial weapons (including cluster munitions, landmines, and biological and chemical weapons), tobacco (including vaping and e-cigarettes manufacturers), and no new investments in miners or utilities deriving 25% or more of their revenue from thermal coal for MetLife’s general account. These screens and divestments to be implemented prior to year-end 2020. Exclusions are made at the direction of the client.

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