Exclusionary Investment Screens

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During 2020, at the direction of MetLife, MIM implemented several exclusionary investment screens for MetLife’s general account. The decision to implement these screens is the latest chapter in MetLife’s broader sustainability story. While MetLife has always invested responsibly and sustainably, these new investment screens are consistent with our growing focus on sustainability at all levels across our organization.

The exclusionary investment screens are applied to:

  • Manufacturers of automatic and semiautomatic assault weapons intended for sale to civilian customers;
  • Direct producers of controversial weapons, including cluster munitions, landmines, and biological and chemical weapons;
  • Tobacco, vaping, and e-cigarette manufacturers;
  • Mining and/or utility companies deriving 25% or more of their revenue from thermal coal; and
  • Companies that hold at least 20% of their oil reserves in oil sands.

For additional information, see MetLife’s Exclusionary Investment Screens and Divestment Policy.

In addition to our standard ESG Investment Policy application, MIM applies specific guidelines as requested by our clients and incorporates client-directed investment screens into our investment process. We also leverage the deep expertise of our research and portfolio management teams, as well as integrate pre-trade compliance check capabilities and access to third-party vendor resources.

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