Global Procurement, Cybersecurity & Government Relations



Global Procurement, Cybersecurity & Government Relations

2 min read Jun 22, 2021

Global Procurement & Supplier Third-Party Risk Management

MetLife’s Global Procurement policy and procedures help secure the best value from our suppliers across the four major MetLife regions (U.S., EMEA, Latin America, and Asia). The Global Sourcing & Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) process is a control we have in place to protect sensitive MetLife and customer information. Third parties are required to comply with all elements of the MetLife TPRM Program, including participation in a risk assessment prior to provision of goods or services and participation in ongoing monitoring of the business relationship between the parties.

Through MetLife’s TPRM program, the risk of third-party engagements and the suppliers themselves are evaluated, risk-rated, and managed accordingly, based on the risk rating. The TPRM process is a control we have in place to protect sensitive MetLife and customer information.

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MetLife created 


Every MetLife employee is required to comply with privacy laws and regulations when processing personal information held by the company. In 2020, we conducted cybersecurity training for all employees to raise awareness about potential threats when working remotely and to provide them with clear actionable guidelines to inform their everyday tasks and decision making.

We review and update our policies, standards, and procedures on a regular basis to keep them current in light of laws, regulations, emerging threats, and new and changing technologies. An internal committee of Business Information Security Officers with representation from Technology, Law, Internal Audit, Human Resources, the MCPO, and other Lines of Business areas helps oversee our information technology security policies, emerging risks, and compliance requirements.

Government Relations

Our government relations team engages with policymakers and relevant stakeholders at international, regional, and individual market levels to support our business, customers, and employees. Government relations supports opportunities and activities to promote diversity, inclusion, financial health, and well-being of customers and communities in the markets in which we operate. Government relations cooperates closely with MetLife’s Sustainability Office by seeking opportunities to increase our voice and engagement with regulators and other stakeholders to advance MetLife’s sustainability goals.

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