Code of Business Ethics & Managing Conflict



Code of Business Ethics & Managing Conflict

2 min read Jun 22, 2021

Connecting the Dots Through Training and Awareness

Our Code of Business Ethics (the Code) supports our commitment to building an ethical culture and upholding the highest standards of business conduct, honesty, and integrity. In 2020, our mandatory training featured MetLife’s Code as the foundation for employee conduct and accountability. The highly interactive, scenario-based training provided examples to bring the Code to life as an everyday tool for making ethical decisions in our daily work. 

We created an extended course for people managers, which focused on the importance of setting an ethical tone at the top and middle. The training provided additional content on leading by example, fostering a speak-up culture, and appropriately managing conflict of interest risk.

Global COI Disclosure Program

Our global Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Program requires every employee to complete a COI disclosure questionnaire at the time of hire, as well as annually. The program was highlighted in the 2020 training on the Code to educate employees about the risks of conflicts of interest, proper mitigation techniques, and our disclosure requirements. The program emphasizes transparency and mitigation to manage enterprise risk. We continue to evolve both the program and the COI disclosure tool to address emerging risks and the needs of employees working remotely.

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