Protecting Our Environment


Our Approach

MetLife has a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship, which aligns with our purpose as a company. Building a more confident future requires us to use natural resources sustainably and address issues such as climate change with urgency. That’s why we are proud to be the first U.S.-based insurer to achieve carbon neutrality—an achievement we have maintained now for the past five years. Even more so, we are proud of our commitment to climate action for years to come, especially our new 2030 Environmental Goals1 that demonstrate our ambition and dedication to building a more confident, sustainable future for all.

2020 Highlights

Launched our 2030 Environmental Goals.

Began integrating climate
risk into our risk management framework.


employees participated in the annual EcoChallenge.


of suppliers disclosed climate risks, GHG emissions, and other environmental data through the CDP’s Supply Chain Program.


of MetLife buildings are LEED certified, representing more than 4.2 million square feet of space.

2030 Environmental Highlights

Resilient Operations

  • Maintain carbon neutrality annually for our global offices, fleet, and business travel.
  • Reduce location-based GHG emissions by 30% from 2019 to 2030.
  • Achieve green or healthy building certification for 40% of our global office portfolio (sq. ft.).
  • Mobilize 100 suppliers to set a GHG emissions reduction target by 2025.

Protecting Our Communities

  • Plant 5 million trees, prioritizing areas vulnerable to natural disasters.
  • Engage and educate 50,000 stakeholders on environmental stewardship annually.
  • Commit to grant $10 million to environmental causes by MetLife Foundation.

Driving Solutions

  • Commit $5 million to develop products and partnerships that drive climate solutions.
  • Originate $20 billion of new MIM-managed green investments.
  • Originate $500 million of new MetLife impact investments, with 25% allocated to climate change priorities.
  • Power all MIM-managed and controlled real estate investments with 100% renewable electricity.

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1 All goals have a base year of 2020 and a goal year of 2030, unless otherwise stated. For additional details about MetLife’s 2030 Environmental Goals, please visit