Stakeholder Engagement



Stakeholder Engagement

2 min read June 17, 2020

Stakeholder group

Nature of engagement


Board of Directors

In-person meetings and other direct engagement

In 2019, the Board held seven meetings, and Board Committees held a total of 32 meetings. Additional interactions with Board members occur on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


MetLife engages with our employees on an ongoing basis, including annual and regular surveys, internal communications, our intranet, and on-site events. We also host a multitude of open forums such as Town Halls with Senior Leaders, Coffee Hour check-ins, and others.

Consistent, ongoing, daily information and dialogue throughout the year.

Customers and prospective customers

MetLife engages with customers throughout the year through a multitude of channels, including direct outreach and in-person and virtual conversations.

Ongoing with consistent and sustained open dialogue throughout the year.


MetLife engages with investors and shareholders in multiple ways, including annual filings and reports, presentations, media, and direct engagements throughout the year.

Ongoing with consistent and sustained open dialogue throughout the year.

Prospective employees

MetLife’s primary channels of engagement with recruits are through social media, annual reports, and our recruitment efforts.

Occurs regularly on an ongoing basis.


MetLife engages with NGOs on a regular basis in a variety of ways, including social media, in-person meetings, and virtual sessions

MetLife maintains ongoing dialogue with numerous NGOs.

Suppliers & business partners

MetLife engages our suppliers through annual scorecards, newsletters, events, and year-round virtual correspondence.

Engagement occurs on a regularly occurring basis — both through project work and other means.


MetLife’s engagement with government occurs on a continual basis at international, national, and local levels.

Occurs regularly on an ongoing basis.


MetLife engages with our communities through MetLife Foundation-led activities, volunteerism, and social media, as well as events.

Occurs regularly on an ongoing basis.

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