How We Serve Our Workforce: Building the Future


How We Serve Our Workforce: Building the Future

4 min read Jun 22, 2021

Recognizing Talent

Given our employees’ unwavering focus on our purpose, customer experiences, collaborations, and experimentation, despite the pandemic, we introduced three new ways to recognize individuals or teams globally:

  • Continuous recognition: Colleagues can recognize each other anytime for anniversaries, milestones or successes.
  • Above and Beyond Award: Every quarter, we recognize colleagues for their collaboration, experimentation, and customer focus achievements.
  • Purpose Award: An exclusive, selection-based award recognizing colleagues who went to extraordinary efforts to bring MetLife’s purpose to life.
MetLife Purpose Awards

Ensuring Alignment to Support Our Strategy

MetLife launched our Next Horizon strategy to drive growth and position us for future success. The challenge: to create a culture where more than 45,000 employees across more than 40 markets “own” strategic delivery. MetLife’s President and CEO Michel Khalaf challenged the company to develop in-person experiences, or “Next Horizon Strategy Days” to engage employees around the strategy, ensure they understand their roles, and drive a culture where they are empowered to collaborate and experiment.

We began the rollout of these Next Horizon Strategy Days in 2020, but COVID-19 changed our plans for face-to-face, immersive experiences. We pivoted quickly to create equally immersive online experiences based on four key guiding principles:

  • Foster collaboration through cross-functional participation;
  • Create an interactive experience;
  • Inspire ideation and experimentation; and
  • Deliver an engaging experience to drive results.

Keenly balancing content, interaction, and conversations, the sessions successfully engaged employees and drove ideation.

As one employee put it, “To achieve something you have never achieved, you must do something you have not done before.” And the results spoke to the efforts. A MyVoice “pulse” survey taken in June 2020, 2.5 months after the pandemic shifted the majority of our workforce to remote work, showed a 4-percentage-point increase in both engagement and experimentation across our regions.

Next Horizon Strategy
Benedetto Cicero, Account Representative from the Milan office, participates in Global Connect
Benedetto Cicero, Account Representative from the Milan office, participates in Global Connect.

Preparing Our Workforce

We believe the workforce of the future will require nuanced and flexible skills. In 2020, we rolled out several new programs to equip employees with the right skills to meet demands of an ever-changing world.

Global Connect: Inspiring Our Workforce and Preparing for the Future

More than 100 associates from 35 markets participated in MetLife Asia and MetLife EMEA’s first ever virtual talent event called Global Connect—A New Frontier. Marking our ninth talent forum, Global Connect was redesigned for 2020 as a virtual event for an exciting week of learning, networking, and discussion.

The content included:

  • A dedicated day to make time for well-being and focus on our purpose;
  • Topics such as the importance of an exploration mindset and staying open to change, as well as how choosing your attitude can have a big impact on how you respond to circumstances out of your control; and
  • Messages from key MetLife leaders, as well as inspirational external speakers.

As Carolina Garnier, Head of Marketing, Communications & Strategic Projects for MetLife France shared, “The event linked directly to our Success Principles: own it, build tomorrow, and win together. The internal speakers helped demonstrate how these principles are the right ones for each of us and for the company through examples from their own career journeys.”

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Skills Building Goes Fully Virtual

Our digital learning experience, Distribution Academy, was created to help sales agents build their skills and knowledge when and where needed. To support the digital interaction capabilities virtually, the Distribution Academy leveraged multiple modalities of delivery to create continuous and personalized learning journeys available in real time and on any device.

The learning journey started with virtual instructor-led trainings, followed by localized online courses and videos to support all stages of the virtual sales process. The virtual clinics were dedicated to each stage of the sales process. All the learning sessions then culminated in actual online skill-building where the sales force was provided with the opportunity to role play as well as practice pitches.

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MetLife China Seminar participants, continuing recruitment work virtually
MetLife China Seminar participants, continuing recruitment work virtually.

Learning & Development Recognitions

  • Chief Learning Officer Awards:
    1. Learning in Practice—2 Gold—The Business Impact Award
    2. Learning in Practice—1 Gold and 1 Silver The Technology Award
  • Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards:
    1. Human Capital Management—9 Gold and 1 Silver
    2. Excellence in Technology—12 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze
  • Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards: 2 Gold and 1 Silver
  • Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards: Silver—Best Customer Service Training Program
  • Engage Awards: Bronze—Best Use of Technology in Employee Engagement

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