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Jun 26, 2023



Our Approach

MetLife builds confident futures for our stakeholders, a commitment that energizes colleagues to make a difference. Our commitment begins with maintaining a great workplace and continues through nurturing a trusting, inclusive culture and providing support for a fulfilling, thriving career.

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP), “All Together Possible,” outlines how we deliver on our commitment. When our unique backgrounds, skills, perspectives and voices come together, even more is possible. DEI underpins everything we do. See Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion for more information on MetLife’s DEI strategy. It inspires mutual respect and trust, and we believe the only culture that can deliver on our purpose is one in which trust prevails.

The sum of our employee offerings is fundamental to our EVP. These programs demonstrate our culture of care and differentiate MetLife as an employer of choice. They include: Inclusive Environment; Holistic Well-Being; Purpose and Impact; Learning and Development; and Compensation and Benefits.

MetLife’s EVP—All Together Possible


MetLife’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) reports directly to the CEO. The role is critical in driving MetLife’s human capital strategy, along with regularly consulting with and updating MetLife’s Board of Directors on our human capital priorities.

Global DEI Governance

Our Global DEI governance structure oversees progress toward our 2030 DEI Commitments (see Our Sustainability Commitments). This oversight helps maintain accountability and transparency in DEI performance. MetLife’s DEI efforts are led by the Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, who reports directly to the CEO and the CHRO, a reporting structure that underscores the importance of DEI. To promote enterprise-wide collaboration on our DEI commitments and initiatives, we’ve formalized those practices deemed necessary to achieve an equitable, inclusive work environment by establishing guidelines. These include:

Global DEI Leadership Council

Chaired by MetLife’s CEO Michel Khalaf, our Global DEI Leadership Council is an 18-member senior leadership body focused on achieving our long-term aspiration to be a leading company for DEI with top-quartile performance. The Council drives DEI strategy and execution across businesses, functions and regions, and provides strategic guidance and insight to improve performance, as well as visibly promote and champion DEI internally and externally. Members are selected based on their purpose-driven leadership and commitment to achieving results. Topics the Council has recently addressed include:

  • Advocating for colleague professional development and a positive work experience;
  • Ensuring accountability of DEI through quarterly review of progress;
  • External advocacy, including board memberships and increased commitment with nonprofit partners (e.g., Girls Who Code and INROADS);
  • Establishing and strengthening business and functional inclusion councils; and
  • MIM’s DEI initiatives and investments to support diverse partnerships and sponsors.

Please see Global DEI to learn more.

MetLife: A Certified Great Place to Work®

We’ve been certified by Great Place to Work® in Brazil, Chile,4 China, Cyprus, India (MetLife’s Global Operations Service Center), Mexico, Uruguay and the U.S. The certification process considers a company’s culture, innovation, DEI initiatives and trust between employees and the company, asking and surveying employees about their experiences.

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1 Ethnic and Racial Diversity is the percentage of employees in the United States who identify as American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander and Two or More Races.

2 The officer population is a subset of overall management that is a reflection of the leadership of the organization. It is comprised of all MetLife employees at the Vice President level or above.

3 Our EVP, “All Together Possible,” indicates the sum of our employee offerings, which include Inclusive Environment, Holistic Well-Being, Purpose and Impact, Learning and Development and Compensation and Benefits.

4 MetLife owns two businesses in Chile–ProVida and MetLife Seguros. Our Great Places to Work certification applies only to MetLife Seguros in Chile.