Global Diversity, Equity


Our Purpose and our DEI Strategic Priorities allow us to:

  • Champion Inclusion—Cultivate an inclusive workplace culture with the right behaviors and actions;
  • Strengthen Our Diversity—Increase representation and leverage, develop and grow current workforce diversity to innovate for the future; and
  • Grow Our Impact—Make a difference as a leading company for DEI.

At MetLife, women are

38 %

of the MetLife Inc. Board of Directors (2021: 38%)

53 %

of our global workforce (2021: 52%)

25 %

of our Executive Leadership Team (2021: 25%)


of our managers (2021: 41%)


of our strategic advisory group (2021: 50%)

Tracking Workforce Diversity

We are committed to being transparent about our progress and accountable for our results as we aspire to become a global employer of choice. We measure ourselves against industry benchmarks and are committed to maintaining top-quartile performance across ethnic and racial diversity2 in the U.S. and achieving top-quartile performance in our female officer3 population globally. Our workforce data and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1) reporting provide more detail on our top-quartile progress.

MetLife’s comprehensive public-facing DEI commitments are designed to address the needs of underserved and underrepresented communities through a mix of investments, products and services, supply chain, volunteering and community efforts, with financial components of these commitments totaling more than $2.5 billion by 2030. Read more about the progress we’ve made against our commitments since they were launched in 2022: 2030 DEI Commitments.

Closing the Gender Equity Gap

MetLife’s culture of equity and inclusion extends to every aspect of our business, including our compensation practices. We regularly review colleagues’ pay and our pay practices to incent the right behaviors and provide equal pay for equal work. As outlined in MetLife’s Pay Equity Statement, we review our pay practices for any potential disparities that are not explainable by objective factors such as performance, experience level, credentials or location, and are committed to correcting any issues and reviewing practices for unintended outcomes.

In addition to strengthening our talent and development efforts with a view to ethnic and racial diversity, we also continue to focus on gender equity. MetLife’s Gender Equity Initiative provides inclusive leadership development and offers women a variety of career support programs, including peer-mentoring groups and workplace policies and benefits that support flexibility and work-life integration. MetLife sponsors and participates in the Global Summit of Women and is committed to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and the UNGC’s gender equality accelerator program “Target Gender Equality.”

Through a range of unique networking events, thought leadership and training, MetLife helps give women tools to grow and be successful in our industry and in business more generally. We hosted a fourth annual Triangle Tech X Conference, bringing together influential newsmakers, inspirational thinkers and leaders to examine barriers and discuss solutions around the topic of increasing the number of women in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). The free virtual summit is open to the public, and MetLife colleagues are invited and encouraged to extend an invitation to their networks. The conference saw a 40% increase in participation compared to last year, with attendees from over 25 countries.

Our annual Women in Sales summits center on personal and professional development, building communities and connections, and supporting the development of women in sales careers. Our virtual summits have connected over 500 saleswomen across 25 countries and have been translated into 10 different languages.


A speaker’s panel at MetLife’s Triangle Tech X Conference.

Advancing DEI through Partnerships and Sponsorships

MetLife understands that our DEI focus is bolstered by the expertise of external stakeholders who can inform our program and support our work. For this reason, we host an external roundtable of experts in racial equity-related business disciplines, academia and philanthropy, designed to help MetLife continue advancing racial equity and inclusion. Named ADVANCE, the roundtable has helped us understand MetLife’s role in closing the racial wealth gap, how Upwise™ can support the financial wellness of underserved groups and the impact of our 2030 DEI commitments.


For the eighth consecutive year, Bloomberg named MetLife to its 2023 Gender Equality Index, in recognition of our efforts to support gender parity through employee policies, representation and transparency.

Global Workforce Diversity

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1 Listening metrics courtesy of our hosting platform BuzzSprout.

2 Diverse categories include Black/African American; Latino/Hispanic; Asian.

3 The officer population is a subset of overall management that is a reflection of the leadership of the organization. It is comprised of all MetLife employees at the Vice President level or above.

4 Management population is defined as any active employee who has at least one direct report.

5 Nonmanagement population is defined as any active employee who does not have any direct reports.

6 Ethnic and Racial Diversity is the percentage of employees in the United States that identify as American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander and Two or More Races.