Board of Directors

MetLife’s Board of Directors oversees the following: the development and execution of MetLife’s strategic and financial business plans; management succession plans; risk management; corporate governance; MetLife’s information security program; and MetLife’s sustainability strategy. It also oversees the CEO and the other executive officers in their management of the company’s business. In performing their general oversight responsibility, Directors apply their business judgment to assure that the company’s executive officers manage the best long-term interests of the company and its shareholders. We maintain a Directors’ Code of Business Ethics, which requires each Director to annually review and sign an acknowledgment of understanding and compliance.

Each of MetLife’s Board committees (with the exception of the Executive Committee) is chaired by an independent Director with demonstrated expertise in the responsibilities of such committee and strong leadership skills.



Role of the Board and Board Committees

The Board and its committees oversee sustainability strategy and execution, including the assessment and management of various sustainability risks, opportunities and priorities.

MetLife’s management provides regular updates to the Board and its committees on these and other relevant sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

  • Controls and procedures related to financial information and non-financial data in the Company’s disclosures
  • Information security and cybersecurity policies and controls
  • Guidelines and policies with respect to the process by which the Company undertakes risk assessment and risk management

  • Ensure that compensation programs do not encourage excessive or inappropriate risk-taking
  • Assess company and executive performance, including progress on sustainability objectives, and align pay outcomes
  • Govern compensation recoupment policies

Finance & Risk
  • Assessment and management of material risks, including privacy and climate risk
  • Policies, practices and procedures regarding risk assessment and management

  • Process for review of proposed CEO succession plans and proposed succession and development plans for executive officers and Chief Actuary
  • Emerging corporate governance issues
  • MetLife Foundation strategies and initiatives
  • Impact investment program in which loans and other investments are made to support affordable housing, community, business and economic development, and healthcare services for low- and moderate-income communities
  • Policies and positions regarding sustainability, climate action, human rights, political and charitable contributions, and other corporate social responsibility issues
  • Efforts to manage the Company’s reputation and culture

  • Investment activities
  • Management and mitigation of risks associated with investment portfolios

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1 Based on tenure as of April 26, 2024. Includes only Director nominees named in MetLife’s 2024 Proxy Statement. Data rounded down to nearest year if less than one whole year as of the measurement date. For more information, please refer to “Experienced and Diverse Board” in the MetLife 2024 Proxy Statement.

2 As of April 26, 2024. Includes only Director nominees named in MetLife’s 2024 Proxy Statement. Percentages indicated are rounded down to the nearest whole number. For the definition of each of the Director Competencies, see “Director Competencies: Skills and Experiences” in the MetLife 2024 Proxy Statement.

3 Ethnic and racial diversity is self-identified by each Director based on the following categories, used by institutional shareholder services: Asian (excluding Indian/South Asian); Black/African American; Caucasian/White; Hispanic/Latin American; Indian/South Asian; Middle Eastern/North African; Native American/Alaskan Native; Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander; Other; and Prefer Not to Disclose.