Supplier Management

MetLife’s Global Procurement Policy and Procedures help secure the best value from our suppliers across the four major MetLife regions (U.S, EMEA, Asia and LATAM). MetLife’s Supplier Code of Business Ethics articulates our intention to work with suppliers who model MetLife’s principles and standards. This includes our commitment to conduct business ethically and lawfully in countries where we operate across our supply chain, and we expect the same of our suppliers. 

We expect suppliers to operate in line with MetLife’s principles, which prioritize respect for basic human rights within organizations, including rights to health and safety, life and liberty, and equality. Suppliers should also comply with all applicable federal, state and local employment, equal opportunity, labor, immigration, and wage and hour laws. 

MetLife asks sustainability questions in requests for information and during onboarding. We encourage suppliers to participate in the MetLife Supply Chain Sustainability program through active engagement (see Promoting Supply Chain Sustainability).

Third-Party Risk Management

The Supplier Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program protects sensitive MetLife and customer information. Third parties are required to comply with the MetLife TPRM program, including participation in a risk assessment prior to providing goods or services and in ongoing monitoring of our business relationship.

Through MetLife’s TPRM program, we evaluate the risk of third-party engagements and suppliers before assigning them a risk rating and managing them accordingly.

Fostering Supplier Diversity

Through MetLife’s Supplier Inclusion and Development program, we aim to develop partnerships with diverse suppliers1 to promote their economic growth. Supplier Inclusion & Development is integrated within Global Procurement so we can interact with sourcing professionals and business stakeholders to support the inclusion of diverse suppliers in our supply chain. 

As part of our 2030 DEI commitments, MetLife has committed to spending $5 billion with diverse suppliers by 2030 and to annually report the economic impact of our diverse supply chain, which we do through our Economic Impact Report.  Please see 2030 DEI Commitments to learn more about our Supplier Inclusion & Development program.

MetLife Supplier Inclusion and Development seeks to support and sponsor diverse suppliers’ business development. Our 2022 partnerships included:

  • National Minority Supplier Development Council;
  • Disability:IN;
  • National Veteran Business Development Council; 
  • National LGBT Chamber of Commerce; and
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

MetLife is a member of WEConnect International, which enables women business owners to compete in the global marketplace by creating opportunities for women-owned businesses to connect with qualified buyers around the world. As part of our membership, MetLife gains access to a global database of women-owned businesses, as well as resources to help develop a diverse and inclusive global supply chain.

Statement Regarding Supplier Code of Business Ethics

MetLife’s Supplier Code of Business Ethics expresses our desire to work with suppliers that comply with all applicable national, state and local employment, equal opportunity, labor, immigration, and wage and hour laws, including those relating to humane treatment, child labor, minimum wage, overtime compensation, mandated benefits and safe work environments.

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For definition of Diverse Suppliers, please see page 95 of the 2022 MetLife Sustainability Report PDF.

Due to the long history of the program, spend figures from 2003 through 2007 are approximated.