Our Sustainability Commitments

Risk Management

2030 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Commitments

At MetLife, our purpose is to create a more confident future for all our stakeholders. Through our efforts, we aim to support the diverse customers and
communities we serve, now and in the future. MetLife’s 2030 DEI Commitments address the needs of underserved people through a mix of investments,
products and services, supply chain, volunteering and community initiatives.

Net Zero Commitment

For years, MetLife has applied a diverse range of strategies to reduce emissions generated by its environmental footprint. MetLife is making progress toward its interim targets, which support our ambition to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for our global operations and General Account (GA) investment portfolio by 2050 or sooner 1, as part of MetLife’s overall business strategy to create long-term value for colleagues, customers, shareholders, business partners and communities around the world.

This commitment builds on our longstanding history of environmental stewardship, which entails working toward an inclusive, resilient and thriving environment for present and future generations. We are focusing on MetLife, Inc.’s global owned and leased offices and vehicle fleets, employee business travel, supply chain and assets in MetLife’s GA investment portfolio, which includes the general accounts of MetLife, Inc.’s wholly owned insurance company subsidiaries.

Risk Management
Colleague in Mexico participates in tree planting event with Fundacion MetLife Mexico grantee, Reforestamos.
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1 See Explanatory Note for additional information about MetLife's GA investment portfolio.