MetLife's Sustainable Financing Framework

MetLife's Sustainable Financing Framework

MetLife’s Sustainable Financing Framework facilitates alignment of our business and investment activities to drive a sustainable future. The framework guides our issuances of green, social and sustainable bonds, term loans, preferred stock, subordinated notes and funding agreements by MetLife, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company.

MetLife’s Sustainable Financing Council, comprising members of the Office of the Chief Investment Officer, Corporate Treasury and the Sustainability function, meets regularly and is responsible for the review and selection of eligible assets.

As part of the framework, MetLife has committed to publishing an annual Sustainable Financing Report that includes a summary of outstanding MetLife Sustainable Financing issuances, including issuance date, size, maturity date, currency and format. MetLife publishes this report, which includes a summary of the allocation of amounts equal to net proceeds of the outstanding issuances to eligible categories of assets, as described in the Framework, on our website.

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MetLife Mexico is headquartered in Mexico City's Manacar tower, designed for seismic hazard resilience, sustainability and the well-being of its occupants.
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