Next Horizon Strategy

Next Horizon Strategy

MetLife’s Next Horizon strategy directs resources to opportunities that create value for our customers and lead to competitive differentiation. Delivering on our Next Horizon strategy creates solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs, energizes our talent, and generates strong investment returns and capital to grow in a changing environment.

Global Sustainability Governance
MetLife colleague appreciates India’s natural beauty.

The pillars of our Next Horizon strategy are threefold:


Generate strong free cash flow by deploying capital and resources to the highest value opportunities.


Simplify our business to deliver operational efficiency and an outstanding customer experience.


Drive competitive advantage through our brand, scale, talent and innovation.

Raising the Bar

The success of our Next Horizon strategy gives us the foundation to advance to the next level and pushes us to meet and exceed evolving stakeholder expectations. While we can’t predict the future, if we proactively manage what we can control, we can stay ahead of the curve. We take action to not only anticipate change, but to embrace it. In 2023, we once again seized the opportunity to “raise the bar”—to build on the progress we have already made to reach new heights.

With Raising the Bar as the next chapter of our strategy, we doubled down on the differentiation pillar through:

Scaling excellence
Building on and leveraging our size and scale to a greater degree to accelerate growth at a faster rate.

Employee care
Cultivating an environment that drives professional growth, purposeful work and a supportive culture.

Customer care
Focusing on holistic solutions, effortless service and more meaningful engagement with our customers.

Global Sustainability Governance
Global Sustainability Governance
MetLife CEO (top) unveils the next chapter of our Next Horizon strategy, Raising the Bar, at MetLife’s 2023 Next Horizon conference, which gave colleagues a front-row seat (bottom) to the future of MetLife.
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