Responsible Governance


Our Approach

Effective governance underpins MetLife’s ability to fulfill our purpose and deliver on our promise of customer and employee care. We are in a position to raise the bar on our performance because we have built a culture where colleagues take responsibility for their actions, adopt an ownership mindset and are empowered to speak up.

To maintain this culture, MetLife continuously improves governance practices and regularly adopts and updates trainings, policies and codes, and resources for colleagues to uphold and promote in their day-to-day practices. These resources include:


JUN 24, 2024
Risk Management
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
Supplier Management
Human Rights

Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence

The power of AI lies in how humans and machines can bolster each other’s strengths. We recognize that AI used in the right way can be a force multiplier for MetLife. When combined with human oversight and direction, AI can be transformative and has the power to positively change the way we do things in our personal and professional lives. That’s why MetLife is committed to Responsible Use of AI—a set of principles and guardrails governing how AI systems should be developed and deployed to comply with ethics and applicable laws to prevent harm to consumers, as well as enabling effective use of these technologies.

The development and integration of AI tools aligns with our Next Horizon strategy, and our approach to Responsible Use of AI will balance the need for swift deployment at scale, while managing risk and unintended consequences. To do so, our guiding principles around Responsible Use of AI include:

  • Fairness, Transparency and Explainability—underpinned by processes to manage unfair biases and increase transparency and the ability to explain outputs;
  • Privacy, Security and Data Governance—that respects privacy and applies appropriate security controls with appropriate oversight in the use of AI; and
  • Accountability—define clear roles and responsibility with assigned accountability in the use of AI across the enterprise.


Women comprise 36%

of our Board of Directors and 43% of our managers.


diverse supplier spend in 2023.

UN Global Compact (UNGC) 

participant since 2020.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

inclusion for eighth consecutive year.

Instituted our Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy

Colleagues completed an average of 13.5

mandatory training courses and an average of 13 total hours of learning per employee.

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for more information on MetLife initiatives and progress.