Supporting Wellness


Supporting Wellness

2 min read Jun 23, 2022

Building a more confident future for customers means helping reduce stress during difficult times, particularly when the wellness of family is at stake. We constantly work on improving and evolving our products and services based on local market and customer needs.   


Now available across four markets in the Asia-Pacific region, MetLife 360Health provides a unique perspective on helping customers with solutions that address their mental, physical, financial and social health, alongside work factors, through a comprehensive focus on the five key aspects of managing critical illnesses to improve customers’ “healthspan”:

1. Prevention
2. Early diagnosis
3. Access to treatment
4. Ongoing care
5. Financial protection

Each market offers a range of value-added services to deliver the holistic 360Health solution. These include free virtual doctor consultations; special discounts on diagnostic tests; preferential access to specialists; appointment booking with doctors and hospitals; health assessments using AI; nutrition, exercise and mental health trackers; beauty and well-being benefits; and support from dedicated care managers from early moments of critical health concerns. Each market has a market-leading digital platform as well, through which customers can easily access the services offered. 

Downloads of the 360Health app have crossed 100,000 in Bangladesh and 160,000 in Korea. In China, around 620,000 customers can access the app on WeChat, while more than 100,000 corporate customers in Australia have access to 360Health through the web portal and the new mobile app, launched recently in partnership with Teladoc. 360Health’s innovative approach has consistently won awards in all four markets, with Bangladesh being the latest, adding the coveted 2022 Bangladesh Innovation Award—Best Innovation in Insurance.

Good Health and Well-Being Working Group

MetLife Mexico leads the UNGC’s Good Health and Well-Being Working Group, an initiative aligned with UN SDG #3—Good Health and Well-Being. The working group promotes sustainability through member companies’ products and services, as well as healthcare and wellness solutions for employees, customers, suppliers and communities. 

Five roundtables were held to discuss the role of the private sector in the health agenda and resilient health systems, government perspectives regarding the contribution of companies to UN SDG #3 and best practices implemented by member companies. To learn more about MetLife’s actions to support the UN SDGs, see here

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