Supporting Our Customers' Wellness

Building a more confident future for customers also means helping reduce stress during difficult times, particularly when the health and wellness of family is at stake. We strive to improve and evolve our products and services based on local market and customer needs.

With over 750,000 app downloads across four markets in the Asia region, MetLife 360Health provides a unique perspective on helping customers with solutions that address their mental, physical, financial and social health through a comprehensive focus on the five key aspects of managing critical illnesses to improve customers’ health span:1

  • Prevention
  • Early diagnosis
  • Access to treatment
  • Ongoing care
  • Financial protection

In Bangladesh alone, more than 450,000 customers have downloaded the 360Health app. Downloads in Korea have reached 299,000, a 63% increase over 2021. The app now allows users to assess their stress levels through facial recognition technology. The artificial intelligence-powered technology analyzes blood flow on the face and calculates heart rate variability to determine the customer’s stress level.

MetLife Australia has expanded its 360Health Virtual Care program by adding Fitness and Recovery to the digital platform. The new offering will provide access to exercise physiologists who can develop personalized programs.

In our Dental and Vision care plans in the U.S., we have improved benefits to encourage preventive care and make it more affordable for low-income populations. The plan rewards employees for positive oral health behavior—such as routine cleanings and exams—by increasing a member’s annual maximum and/or coinsurance percentages, and/or by reducing plan deductibles.

Enhancements to Pet Insurance

Pets are an important part of our families and can contribute to individuals’ mental and physical well-being. However, according to MetLife and OnePoll research, pet parents spend more than $4,500 annually on pet care.2 To help pet owners manage the costs of their pet’s health, MetLife Pet Insurance introduced a new rewards program with LifeBalance, a discount network for employees and health plan members, to provide pet parents access to discounts and offers on pet care essentials.

Supporting Dental Care Access

To help open access for those without dental care, MetLife Foundation has made a $200,000 grant to Dental Lifeline Network, a nonprofit that provides free dental care to the most vulnerable communities in the U.S., including veterans, people with disabilities, elderly and medically fragile individuals. Please see For Our Communities to learn more about MetLife Foundation grants.

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1 Health span refers to the number of healthy years in an individual’s overall lifespan and the potential to live healthier for longer.

2 MetLife x OnePoll survey, September 2021.