Global Workforce Data


Global Workforce Data

1 min read Jun 22, 2021

Global Workforce Data1

Workforce Breakdown

23,765237655 Female
21,583215835 Male
45,348453485 Male

Workforce by Region

10,172101725 Female United States/Canada
6,86968695 Male United States/Canada
17,041170415 Male United States/Canada
6,17661765 Female Asia
10,244102445 Male Asia
16,420164205 Male Asia
5,00550055 Female Latin America
2,66726675 Male Latin America
7,67276725 Male Latin America
2,41224125 Female EMEA
1,80318035 Male EMEA
4,21542155 Male EMEA

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Global Workforce Data

Despite the pandemic’s impact on hiring and succession planning in 2020, we maintained our leadership position in gender and racial diversity across our industry, especially among our officers.

2020 genderdiversity VPglobal

U.S.: MetLife


2020 ethnic andracial diversity

U.S.: MetLife


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MetLifePay EquityState

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1 Totals include employees whose gender is not recorded. Excludes PNB employees and Morocco.

2 The Officer population is a subset of Overall Management that is a reflection of the leadership of the organization. It is comprised of all MetLife employeesat the Vice President level or above.