A Culture of Trust and Inclusi


Inclusion Networks:
A Connected and Involved Collective

To drive greater connectivity, sense of community, and employee engagement, we created MOMENTUM. This global initiative aligns and expands our inclusion networks and focuses on causes most important to our people, such as: wellness, the environment, volunteering, social justice, diversity, women’s advancement, veteran’s transition to corporate life and more.

MetLife’s 10 inclusion networks are pivotal in connecting colleagues and helping grow our sense of inclusiveness and community across the company. Colleagues can join or be an ally to one or multiple networks—including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other (LGBTQ+) professionals; people with disabilities; veterans; multicultural professionals; rising professionals; professional women; Black professionals; and Asianprofessionals. The latest network, LatConexión + Latino Executive Leadership Forum, responds to interest from our colleagues for a forum in which Latino colleagues can connect and enhance inclusiveness for that community.

Listening to Colleagues:
Annual Employee Survey—MyVoice

Listening to colleagues and gaining their perspective on how we are working together and what we can do differently helps us deliver on our purpose, accelerate an inclusive culture and improve our core operations.

Our 2022 MyVoice survey reveals a colleague base engaged in the collaborative process of continuous improvement. Not only did we receive our highest response rate since the survey launched in 2018, but the proportion of participants providing written comments—valuable insights and feedback to help us grow—also rose from 2021, and we achieved our highest favorability rating to date. We believe these results demonstrate colleagues’ trust in the effectiveness of the feedback system.

Each year, we have engaged teams around the company to implement solutions based on the annual results, and the solutions we’ve implemented are appreciated: Our score on whether colleagues believe “meaningful action will be taken as a result of the survey” was 12 points over benchmark.

2022 MyVoice Employee Survey by the Numbers1

Fostering Flexibility and Experimentation in the Workplace

Flexibility is central to the modern workplace and one that continues to evolve at MetLife. As one example, MetLife’s ways of working provide more flexibility post-COVID-19 to help colleagues with their work-life integration. Colleagues provide feedback on our work practices through our surveys, Let’s Talk Live! Forums (monthly, CEO-led global town halls) and listening sessions with leaders.

We believe that when colleagues are empowered to bring their whole selves to work, innovation flourishes. To create space for sharing and testing colleagues’ ideas, we introduced a global Experimentation Fund, designed to provide fast approval and funding for low-cost, quick experiments—and to give every colleague around the world the opportunity to submit ideas. We have so far experimented with 101 ideas from 365 submissions across the world.

MetLife’s Annual Employee Recognition Programs


Above and Beyond Awards


Purpose Awards

Center Stage

Provides a platform for sharing continuous recognition, such as for anniversaries, milestones and successes.

Above and Beyond Award

Recognizes colleagues for their collaboration, experimentation and customer-focused achievements.

Purpose Award

Recognizes colleagues who went to extra ordinary efforts to bring MetLife’s purpose to life.

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1 “Engagement” is blend of 2 questions: “I would recommend MetLife as a great place to work” (80% Favorability) and “How happy are you working at MetLife?” (78% Favorability); a result of 75% or higher on the MyVoice survey is considered very good and a result of 66-74% is considered good; answered “Favorably” represents the percentage (%) of respondents who replied with a 4 or 5 on a five-point Likert scale.