Attracting and Retaining Talent

MetLife continuously strives to be an employer of choice, to attract strong, diverse and passionate candidates and retain them over the long term. Since the activation of our EVP, #AllTogetherPossible, in early 2022, there has been a 42% increase in year-over-year U.S. applicant flow. 

We have guidelines around diverse hiring best practices for hiring managers in each round of the recruitment and hiring process. Part of our hiring guidelines include having managers interview qualified diverse candidates. We promote diversity among interviewers for each position, and we train internal and external recruiters and managers to be aware of potential biases in the hiring, review and career development process. 

In addition, we have expanded our partnerships with Girls Who Code and the National African American Insurance Association to help improve the skills of young diverse students, while also creating new relationships with Hiring Our Heroes, Blacks In Technology and Women in Technology International. These partnerships enable career development and training for existing colleagues by giving them more tools, resources and new social networks that expand professional relationships. Ultimately this leads to MetLife’s ability to attract and retain talent.


In Malaysia, our Asia Technology team’s global virtual hackathon introduced us to the best and brightest technology talent. The weekend coding challenge garnered 200 registrants and 100 participants. We interviewed over 40 candidates for open roles, including software developers, infrastructure engineers, solutions architects and scrum masters and offered over 70% of interviewees a position at MetLife.

Percentage increase in year-over-year U.S. applicant flow.


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