Talent and Skill Development

We aim to create a culture of continuous learning and development to give every colleague the tools, resources and opportunities they need for growth. We create personalized learning experiences by leveraging a combination of virtual, hybrid and in-person learning and development opportunities, where colleagues can network, collaborate and learn from each other.

Mandatory Training

We prioritize learning and provide access to training and educational resources to every colleague. Mandatory training helps colleagues stay up to date with the latest on our regulatory requirements and how they can protect each other, the company and our customers, as well as drive key MetLife priorities.

MetLife took several steps to improve learning efficiency and become more strategic about time spent by colleagues on mandatory training, while still offering the elemental training necessary for colleagues. Please see Responsible Governance for mandatory training data.

Helping Colleagues Take Advantage of Development Tools

Through our annual employee survey, MetLife colleagues delivered a clear message that they wanted more opportunities to develop their skills and grow their careers at MetLife. In response, we launched Growing@MetLife, an enterprise-wide campaign of engaging communications and interactive events that showcased the many tools and resources available to support colleagues’ growth and development. We also experimented with giving colleagues one-on-one career conversations with a member of MetLife’s Executive Leadership Team to drive further engagement in the program.

The campaign garnered excellent participation from colleagues looking to propel their careers, including:

  • 1,000+ colleagues added at least one focus skill to their online learning and development profile, which helps the platform curate more personalized learning opportunities; 
  • An additional 1,500+ colleagues completed their profile on our internal talent marketplace, MyPath, which helps them receive higher-quality, more relevant project, networking and position matches;
  • 450 colleagues attended the Agile Delivery Model career workshops to learn more about the unique development opportunities Agile roles provide; and
  • Managers from across the enterprise attended a new, interactive career development workshop that provided practical guidance on how to better support career development within their teams.

We will now host the campaign annually, as we seek to respond to colleagues’ feedback and to empower them to advance their careers at MetLife.


Human-Centered, Future-Ready Leaders

MetLife is committed to ensuring that all colleagues have a consistent and high-quality experience with their managers. Our program to develop leaders, Leading the Future, features a variety of learning experiences, including speaker series, on-demand training, peer-to-peer learning networks and live workshops. It supports over 5,500 leaders each year through a variety of learning experiences.

Working Toward a More Diverse Group of Future Leaders

We strive for a group of diverse leaders who evoke inspiration, fuel engagement and spark innovation among their colleagues, and who embody the culture of trust and inclusion which is critical to serving MetLife’s purpose.

EXCELERATE, MetLife’s CEO-driven talent sponsorship program, focuses on nurturing the diversity of our future leadership cohort by accelerating the progression of underrepresented groups as leaders.

The program has now reached participants across 27 countries and increases visibility, access and engagement with MetLife’s Executive Leadership Team. We continue to see growth among participants, with 34% receiving new or expanded responsibilities or having been promoted in 2022, compared with 22% in 2021.

Enhancing Team Inclusiveness 

Teams are powered by diverse perspectives. MetLife’s INDEAVOR Team Experience is an interactive learning opportunity in which participants receive expert coaching and tools to accelerate more inclusive and high-performing interactions. Following a successful first year in 2021, participants reported feeling more comfortable being themselves, asking for help and collaborating with their colleagues. The 2022 cohort comprised 150 people.

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