Support for Ukraine

Caring for colleagues and customers during the most difficult of times

The war in Ukraine created a dire humanitarian crisis leading to unprecedented challenges for our colleagues, customers, agents, distribution partners and the people of Ukraine. MetLife and our colleagues around the world have remained committed to supporting those affected by the ongoing crisis, a collective response that has shown MetLife’s purpose in action.

Throughout the worst of the invasion, we remained in daily contact with our team in Ukraine. With safety as our first priority, we closed our MetLife office in Kyiv at the beginning of the war (limited access only for essential work). We separated the MetLife Ukraine IT network from the wider MetLife network early to reduce our cyber exposure. We have since created a dedicated secured network, opened our office to a limited number of critical colleagues and worked with our distribution partners to strengthen our support for our customers. 

Two dedicated support hubs in Poland and Romania enabled us to relocate and establish displaced colleagues and their families, including providing financial support and new school arrangements for colleagues’ children. For all Ukrainian colleagues—whether they left Ukraine or not—we have provided ongoing financial support.

Our support for our 250 agents in Ukraine comprised a lump sum relocation package paid in March 2022 and our service colleagues reassured Ukrainian customers that we would pay claims. Between the start of the war and December 31, 2022, 913 customer claims related to the war totaled approximately $425,000.

MetLife Foundation and MetLife colleagues donated $500,000 to relief efforts to support the people of Ukraine, which includes donations and matching dollars to the UNICEF USA, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the American Red Cross, Razom for Ukraine and Nova Ukraine to provide humanitarian war relief and recovery to address the most urgent needs as they evolve.

MIM has conducted market research to help investors around the world understand the impact of the war and the subsequent economic sanctions on Russia on the global economy.

MetLife will continue to support our Ukrainian colleagues and customers during these challenging times.

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