MetLife’s products and services are an important component of our environmental stewardship. We are connecting climate efforts to our products by tying tree-planting initiatives around the world to customer engagement and sales. MetLife France, for example, planted a tree for every policy sold in 2022. Please see Global Tree-Planting Initiatives to learn more. 

Learn more about how our products and services contribute to our environmental stewardship and climate change strategy.

Unit-linked Insurance and Sustainable Investments Products

Under a unit-linked insurance plan, policyholders make regular premium payments for insurance coverage and as an investment. The plan then offers a combination of insurance and investment payouts. A unit-linked insurance plan can be used, for example, to provide life insurance, build wealth, generate retirement income and pay for education. 

MetLife offers unit-linked insurance products in more than 20 markets in the U.S., EMEA, Asia and LATAM. In EMEA, a new “Article 9” fund under the European Union’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation—or “a fund that has sustainable investment as its objective or a reduction in carbon emissions as its objective”—was developed and will be launched in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria) in 2023. 

In India, PNB MetLife launched the Goal Ensuring Multiplier (GEM) plan, a unit-linked insurance plan that offers exposure to the new Sustainable Equity Fund, which seeks to generate wealth by investing in companies that are incorporating and exhibiting responsible and sustainable practices by managing a balanced approach toward all stakeholders to ensure sustainability and longevity of business.

Customers’ Environmental Pledges set Guinness World Record

MetLife Korea set a Guinness World Record for collecting the most pledges for an environmental sustainability campaign in 24 hours—8,125 total. Customers made their pledges through the 360Health app, promising to, among other things, reduce leftover food waste and reduce the use of fossil fuels by taking public transportation, cycling or walking.


Addressing Climate through Products and Resources

MetLife also seeks to support climate resilience wherever we can when our customers are impacted by natural disasters. For example, MetLife Korea deferred premium payments for up to six months for customers who suffered financial losses from flooding in 2022. In addition, we offer free resources through Upwise™ articles to help customers prepare and financially protect themselves from climate disasters. Please see Driving Financial Wellness to learn more about Upwise™.

In response to customer needs for MetLife to modernize communications, MetLife is pivoting to digital communications instead of paper throughout the organization, wherever possible, thereby reducing paper use and the waste associated with it. In many of our regions and businesses, customers can now submit claims, make payments, and access documentation and other policy information online.

As part of MetLife’s Volunteering with Purpose campaign, Hong Kong colleague volunteers cleared 344 kilograms of litter from a local beach.

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